The Fitting
The Player

FS Golf does not Fit Men, Women, Seniors, Juniors etc. FS Golf Fits GOLFERS

Player Interview

The Interview Form is a method for me to obtain information such as the Current Set Makeup, Game Improvement Goals, Player Product Preferences, Physical Limitations, Ball Striking Tendencies, Fitting Expectations etc.


Club Specifications will be measured and reviewed for inconsistencies. Length, Loft, Lie Angle, MOI, Grip Size, Swing Weight, Total Weight etc. are all measured. A composite view can provide helpful hints into some of the issues that a player may be experiencing or were discussed as a result of the interview. The Baseline also provides a starting point for further changes or modifications in the current set or clubs to be built.

Fitting Equipment

Player is introduced to the various items used in the Dynamic portion of the Fitting. The Fitting Equipment can be viewed later in this section of the web site.

Dynamic Fitting

The overriding theme at FS Golf is to improve the Player Consistency and to Reduce Miss Hit Tendencies through the best combination of Club heads, Club Shafts and Grip Specifications.


The Goal of FS Golf is to help the player modify the Ball Flight resulting in Improved Distance, Accuracy, Trajectory, Impact Feel and Spin.


- More On-Center and Solid Contact
- Improved Accuracy
- Better Feel
- Improved Swing Fundamentals
- More Fairways and Greens
- Woods, Weeds or Water Landings
- Increased Satisfaction
- Lower Scores & Lowest Score Wins
- Let's Play 36

There are no one set of rules that apply to all Players and there is no one set of Standard Specifications that can be produced in the Golf Equipment Industry that will allow a Player to achieve their maximum potential. That is why the Fitting is essential to the Players success.

90% of all Golfers by clubs based on Price, Brand, Color, Impulse or Marketing Hype regardless of whether or not the clubs fit their playing capability or swing profile. Before you spend your $$$, get FIT and know what it is that you need to play your best golf.

In Summary

Get Fit to know what you need.

To determine each Players requirements the following measurements are taken:

- Head Speed
- Ball Speed
- Carry Distance
- Total Distance
- Spin Rate
- Launch Angle
- Angle of Attack
- Swing Path
- Swing Plane
- Flight Time
- Angle of Descent
- Shaft Performance
- Club Length
- Club Weight
- Club MOI
- Club Face Angle
- Lie Angles
- Grip Composition & Size
- Video Analysis

The Fitting's at FS Golf cover the above items and the results are provided to the player in graphic or visual form as records of the fitting process.

Post Fitting Analysis

The data gathered during the Dynamic Fitting Process is the subject of the Post Fitting Review to include Player feedback during the session, Launch Monitor Data and Video Presentations. A sequential review of each item will be conducted. Sample printouts of data screens are provided, as well as, a Fitting Specification Form is provided to the player.

Below are some of the data screens provided:

Assembly & Measurement Equipment
Fitting Area
Flight Scope X2C
Frequency Analyzer
MOI Speed Match
Swing Weight Scale
Specification Gauge
Gripping Station
Loft & Lie Machine
Spine Finder
Fitting Support Table Presentations, Tools & Components