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Personalized ClubFitting & Clubmaking - Regripping & Reshafting
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  Are You Ready To Play Your Best Golf ???



Personalized Fitting *Professionally Built

One Club At a Time * To Your Needs


Custom Clubfitting & Clubmaking Center
Regripping * Reshafting * Repairs
 Located at
2374 Holly Dr., Gilbertsville, PA 19525
Store Hours &  Fittings by Appointment
Frank Stranick - Owner
Pennsylvania Clubmaker of the Year 2007-2008-2009

Professional Certifications & Affiliations


PCS Certified Class "A" Clubfitter

PCS Certified Class "A" Clubmaker

PCS Certified Class "A" Professional Clubmaker

AGCP Certified Level 10 Clubfitter

Swing Surgeon/PPGS Certified Clubfitter

Golf Clubmakers Association (GCA) Member

GCA PA Clubmaker of the Year 2007-2008-2009

Member, International Clubmakers Guild

2011/2013/2015/2017  Golf Digest Top Clubfitters List

Wishon Gold Member, MOI Certified

Maltby Clubmaking Academy Graduate

Mitchell Clubfitting Academy Graduate

True Length Technology Fitting Center

Certified Optimal Flight Fitting Center

Balance-Certified Fitting Center & Dealer

Tour Lock Pro Fitting Center

Flight Scope Certified Fitting Center



From Where Would You Rather Play Your Next Shot ???


How About What I Call W3



The Woods - The Weeds - The Water








How About From The FAIRWAY





Don't Be One of the 90% Who Purchased Clubs for the

Wrong Reason??? 



It's Not the Brand Name;

 It's not the Model;

It's not the Price;

It's not the Color;

It's not the Marketing Hype;



You Got It








More On Center & Solid Impact - More Fairways - More Greens

More Enjoyment - Lower Scores




Lowest Score Wins







FS Golf is a Proud Supporter of the Wounded Warriors Project








Do You Need Swing Instruction? 1-302-475-3125 (Dave Seeman is a Certified PGA Teaching Professional) & www.DianeRamaGolf.Com 610-222-0712 (Diane Rama is a Certified LPGA Teaching Professional)  (717)742-8070) Cell Ph. John Sokolowski,  PGA Teaching Professional




(Go To the "Golf Instruction" tab on this Web Site for Information on Dave Seeman, Diane Rama & John Sokolowski. 






FS Golf is a Flight Scope Certified Fitting Center






FS Golf - Never Standard - Always Personalized to Your Needs 


They Are Now Available



(In House Demo's Are Available)

Left Handed Irons available June 5th 2017

Upgraded Sand Wedge & New Lob Wedge Available June 5th 2017





Fitting Fee & Time Requirements
The Fitting Fee's for 2017 are as follows:
  • **  Driver & Fairway Wood Fitting - $125.00
  • **  Irons Fitting - $125.00
  •      Putter - $40.00  


  • **(will require one, 3 hour session for each)


The Fitting will require up to 3 hours each for the Driver and Irons and 30 Minutes for a Putter. Players should bring their existing clubs unless they are purchasing new clubs, Golf Shoes and Golf Glove. Do Not Practice on the day of the scheduled Fitting.
The overiding theme at FS Golf is Customer Satisfaction by Improving Your  Consistency and Reducing the Effects of Your Miss Hit Tendencies.
How is that achieved.  It all Starts with the FITTING. Get Fit Before You Buy any set of Golf Clubs regardless of the Brand Name, Model or Cost.
Please View the following Tom Wishon Video on Benefits of Custom Fitting and the FS Golf Videos under the "Clubfitting Video's" on the web site selection tabs.
Question - Why do you need golf clubs Custom Fit to You ??
Answer - Golfers have different  body types, setup positions, swing planes and physical characteristics. Also there are the Rules of Golf , the USGA limits and Other  Engineering Limits that have already been reached in Golf Club design. One Size DOES NOT FIT ALL.
FS Golf
2374 Holly Dr., Gilbertsville, PA 19525
 The 13 Key Fitting Spec's. 
  •  Club Length

    • Clubhead Loft

  • Clubhead Face Angle

    • Club Lie Angle

  • Clubhead Design

    • Set Makeup

  • Grip Style & Composition

    • Grip Size

  • Total Weight

    • Moment of Inertia

  • Shaft Weight

    • Shaft Primary Flex

  • Shaft Bend Profile


In addition to the above there are 9 additional minor specification items  that may be looked at during a Custom Fitting. Stop by FS Golf and I will explain the techniques used to measure the above requirements.


How many Key Fitting Spec's. did your Big Box Store Brand  Company Fit for You



Fitting Electronics 



Flight Scope Launch Monitor
A, 3D,Phased Array, Doppler Radar System that tracks the Club & the ball flight from impact to ground contact. Flight Scope's Technology is second to none for accuracy and information presentation. A Clubfitters first choice. Stop by FS Golf and check out the Launch Monitor used on the PGA Tour, European Tour, South African Tour, by several major Club Manufacturers in the United States and by many Touring Pro's.